Our church is currently undergoing renovations and repairs, while that happens we will temporarily meeting at  the North Scituate Baptist Church, 619 West Greenville Road, Rt. 116, North Scituate, Rhode Island at our usual time of 9:30 am for Sabbath School and 11 am for Church

We will NOT be having church May 23rd due to activities taking place at the North Scituate Baptist Church

Had enough? Stressed?  Looking for rest?


Why not enjoy the Sabbath rest provided by our loving Heavenly Father?



  • A young child who nearly died on the operating room table says he’s received supernatural messages from heaven.  
  • A woman who claims to have been reincarnated is able to give precise details about places she’s never been and people she’s never met.  
  • A man who drowned in a freezing river but was resuscitated says he experienced a terrifying 30 minutes in hell.

Are these incredible stories true?
Do they contradict the plain teachings of the Scriptures?  

Get the answers to these very important questions ...

not from popular movies, but from the Bible!